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Longboarding is a sport gear that is for adventurous expedition and it is quite popular especially among the youth generation. If you are new in search of a suitable longboard for you, please keep reading I will share some experiences those may help you buying the perfect longboard.  The popularity of longboards vary on the on the riding styles like cruising or carving, downhill, freestyle and free ride. Different longboards are designed on different riding styles that offers the rider enjoy different styles. Different longboards have in different shapes and sizes that also give different experiences to the riders. When we are planning to buy a long board we have to consider the longboard deck as it is the most important thing that is responsible for the riding performance among the other longboard components. The longboard decks come in different shapes, made of different materials which help us to categorize various types of longboards. I am here to help you what longboards we have chosen as the best beginner longboards, decent stability and that will give you a great riding experience by a great price. So, let’s have a look at the different types of long boards are perfect for any beginner.

Why should you buy a long board ?

The purpose of longboarding varies parson to person that is why we have to buy the right one that perfectly fits our needs. Let’s have a look on the advantages of a longboarding.

  • Longboard is suitable for people of all ages except too old or too young; you can enjoy the unlimited fun any time by longboard riding.
  • Longboards give you the great way to get around with your friends for spending your free time; it gives you excitement and adventure along much fun during riding.
  • Longboard save your time, money and the environment. You can use the longboard to avoid heavy rush of vehicles which makes traffic jams that saves both your time and money. As a longboard runs on human power is never pollutes the environment.
  • It is very easy to carry so it is fully on your wish when to walk or have a longboard ride.

Which board is the best for a beginner in longboarding?

  1. Downhill Longboards:
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The Downhill Longboards are best for riding down the hills. Made ofbest quality materials they aredesignedto easily meet the harshest of the terrain that lets you enjoy your longboarding in a complete expedition. Generally boarders face the problems while moving downhill is speed wobbling and which is completely eliminated by high quality downhill Longboards. It lets you easily move into the perfect direction as this Longboard is equipped with a defined rear and front. It offers everything helps moving smoothly down the hill and a straight direction with full control and safety.

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  1. Drop ThroughLongboards:

When I go for a relaxed longboarding then use the drop through longboards which gives me the perfect utility. The drop through longboards is still ideal for starting riders who do not have proper sense of balance. The deck is constructed enough flexible materials where dropping from higher altitude creates less vibration. It is a nice gift for friends during the holidays, birthday or other celebrations.

They look very stylish and also let me cruise and enjoy a free ride than any other type of longboard. It offers many benefits such as excellent stability that is enjoyable. The drop though boards are designed to as the trucks are mounted “through” the board that effectively lowers the deck height by the thickness of the board thus increases the stability of the board and reduces fatigue while pushing or braking because you have to drop your foot less to have contact to the ground. This board is great for riding long distances (is commuting).

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  1. Carving Long boards:
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The carving lets us show stunts with the techniques which can be easily applied while long boarding. Carving is known as a style that is weaving back and forth while longboarding. It gives much funny and relaxing way to control your speed and prevent from going too fast while cruising down gradual slopes. I think that all the long boarders should have knowledge about carving. A good board for carving has extra turns on the trucks, and the soft wheels that grips well to prevent from slipping while longboarding with hard carves. Usually the unique perimeter shapes make sure that you are able to turn one angle to another in a safe and scientific way.

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  1. Cruising Longboard:

The cruiser board is nice matched with the beginners.  When I want to go to the nearest mall or shopping arcade I use the cruising longboard as it is ideal for crowded places. The cruising boards have wider trucks and decks give extra ordinary  stability and lets you enjoy perfect balance.

It comes with various colours , the decks are usually made of Artisan Bamboo or Maple.  As a satisfied user of this stunning and durable longboard I always certify them to be utilized as sporting equipment not just for cruising but also when I go to work every day. The bearings are reliable having low maintenance and can confront harsh environment in any season, so it serves much beyond my expectations.  The cruiser longboard is highly recommended for the new comers for the ability to go through any crack or bump, also makes the balancing easier.

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  1.  Bamboo
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The bamboo longboards are very light in weight and extremely flexible. The young generation is likes it much for many of it’s advantages. When I plan to go on a picnic or a camping trip I certainly carry my longboard with me and it is a Bamboo Longboard which suffices these types of trip needs felt for longboards.  The lightweight longboards are organic and have great out looking. They are made of super quality bamboo helps you enjoy many tricks and nice performance. These longboards are cheap and highly economical.

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Safety Gears:

Good luck! Please make sure the followings before you start:

  • Helmets
  • Slide gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Hip pads
  •  Any other safety measure as per environment

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