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Longboarding is an invention of the Hawaiian surfers in the 5th decade of the 19th century. When the waves were not favourable for surfing the surfers simply used to cruise around the town on the developed longboards capable to ride on hard surfaces which was termed as “sidewalk surfing.” After four decades longboarding also enjoyed by many people paralleled with skateboards. When the events like events like the X Games emerge the longboarding became a serious sport remarkably. The recent longboarding takes many forms like transportation, extreme sports and other thrills and expeditions. A long board is very easy to carry along with you and you can ride or walk as you want. Longboard can save both time and money and it is eco-friendly as it runs on human generated power; and when you ride longboard you do not use your vehicle that saves the environment from pollution. The long boards may be for everyone’s use except very old or too young ones.

Reviews of Five Best Longboards:

Longboards are categorized accordingly their use.  The Downhill Longboards are used for riding down the hills should be made of finest quality materials and designed to meet the harshest of the terrain easily. The downhill loangboards gives complete thrilling enjoyments. The drop though longboarding is perfect for relaxed riding. The drop through longboard is best for new riders regardless of having right sense about balancing. For the purpose of doing many tricks we need to do carving with the longboards; is easily applicable with the carving longboards. The carving longboards give much control over your speed and refrains from going too fast while cruising down the gradual slopes. Sometimes when I go to the malls near my house for shopping I ride my cruising longboard which is bet for the crowded areas. The bamboo made longboards are amazingly light in weight; they are organic having awesome outlook. You can have these types of budget longboards at a very lower price.


Downhill Longboards:

downhill skateboardThe Downhill Longboards are usually made of the finest quality of materials and designed to meet the harshest and gives the full expedition. When I wish a speedy downhill riding this boat suits your purpose much. It gives offer the greatest stability that helps me to take smooth carving while down hilling. The long deck and the premium bearings make my pushing ease also lets me tear out of around town traveling. The unique shape of the perimeter gives around 9.6 inches of leverage for each turn also helps you to get rid of the wheel bite. I like the fully maple covered deck that catches the attention of others while riding on it. This board lets me easily move into the right direction as it is accompanied by a well-defined rear and front. It lets me do everything to while moving smoothly down the hill and a straight direction with complete control and safety. The downhill longboarding speeds up the movements 50 miles per hour (maximum measured 80 miles/hour). Downhill longboards tend to be lower which lets the rider to get the speed with less energy and keep up a better balance. Downhill longboards usually have less flexibility than the other longboards types. They are designed to control more rather than steering.

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Drop Through Longboards:

Drop Through Longboards

When I wish relaxed longboarding I use my drop through longboard that offers the perfect utility for this purpose. Though the drop through longboards is ideal for the beginners who do not have enough sense of balance it just gives a ride with very little attention. The deck is usually constructed by flexible materials which create less vibration while dropping from a higher altitude. The deck is composed of multi-layers of maple laminate. The drops through the model with cutouts above the wheels do not compromise the wheel clearance for stability. It has a pair of 50 degree angled trucks with the seven-inch aluminum hangers. The turning radius is a little wider for better riding. The wheels are boarder and have good with to match the perfect riding. They are very easy to get the proper traction. This is a nice board for the beginner to intermediate riders. The wider deck gives a very comfortable riding experience without any wheel bite. When I think about the price, I prefer this best cheap longboard.

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Carving Longboards:

Carving Longboards

The carving longboard let me apply the techniques to do some extraordinary activities with it. Carving is a style of riding that is like snowboarding. Carving is best done on the gradual hills that it requires least or no push (while riding on hills). While carving down a hill it makes big “S-shaped” movements that avoid high up the speed that is to be relaxing and let the rider maintain control over their velocity. As the carving is a fundamental thing in terms of longboarding, the best longboards for carving usually should have soft wheels these are slip resistant on tough turns. The carving boards should have well responsive trucks to turn better and safely. For carving a drop deck board supports much to get increased stability. The deck is required should be very wide in the middle that gives the rider great leverage during various turnings. Usually, the length is better within 41 inches (is medium) that gives a good combination of speed and stability for carving rides. The soft wheels are square lipped provides a lot of traction. Thus the best stability while riding is attained.

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Cruising Longboard:

When I need to go to the shopping arcade or mall near my house I use the cruising longboard due to it has a good shape and size for crowded areas. The cruising boards usually come with wider trucks and decks which gives extra stability full control overbalancing. The decks are generally made of Bamboo or Maple; as I am a satisfied user of this durable longboard I refer them as for not just cruising, but also they can be used for everyday transportation of workplace. The bearings are very reliable having low maintenance and can meet the harsh environment in all season so I got much from it beyond my expectations.   Cruising boards is simply riding a longboard get around the town. They made of flexible materials and have soft wheels that make sure the riding smooth. It stands out with impressive visuals, for superior handling, for smoothly riding, great grip and the balance length makes is purposive also.

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Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo Longboard

The bamboo longboards are very light in weight and highly flexible so, when I plan to go to a camping trip I carry my longboard with me and this Bamboo Longboard which gives everything I feel for longboarding.  They are organic and have an awesome outlook made of super quality bamboo are very cheap. This board can be used for both cruising and downhill riding. The board is equipped with the right wheel size and you never need to be worried about wheel bite and makes sure smooth riding. The size is perfect for comfortable cruising and has enough flex which reduces the stress on the ankle and knees. This bamboo longboard is assembled with durable components that offer you greater longevity. It serves riders like beginners and intermediate.

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