Best Shoes for Longboarding

Best Shoes for Longboarding – Top 5 Reviewed


Best Shoes for Long boarding

The best shoes for longboarding are specially made to serve the purpose and they are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your need. The main features are categorized for comparing them in an easy way; they are: thick, flat sole, a subtle traction pattern, and a great connection to the ground. These features let the users ride long boards with the full control and grip required for long rides and quick braking. If you have already tried out long boarding ever you can easily realize that normal sports shoes do not work well for this purpose. The grip tape on most long boards completely ruins the soles of ordinary sports shoes, and if you are not careful about it inappropriate shoes may lead to falling off while carving. Then what are the main features to consider while buying shoes that are durable for using long board riding purpose?

If you are in search of the best shoes for longboarding, I am here to analyze some reviews and help you choosing the ideal pair of shoes for your longboarding activities which is stress free. Just read this for you the pleasant experience for longboarding with the best shoes.

What is the importance of choosing the best long boarding shoes?

As per my experience some people prefer the minimalist shoe that gives superior connection to long board and the pavement. Some other people think of more support and full proof protection. There are many benefits of various long boarding shoes found in low profile or high top, minimal construction or extra padding, vulcanized rubber soles or polyurethane soles, suede or canvas uppers etc. The main issue is to make sure safety, control and support while we ride long boards.  I will describe the need of various shoes on your riding style, riding ability, how do you brake or control the speed, what type of shoes affects your control over the speed of the long board.

The trendy, comfy, stylish shoes usually plays an important role to boost up your confidence and optimize the performance while longboarding. It impacts on our minds about the size, type of sole, pattern and design, there are many details and specifications make a huge difference indeed! Before buying consider the riding style, how you brake, and the types of tricks you do while riding longboard.

There are many reasons for choosing the best longboard shoes; few of them I am highlighting for you to make the right choice:

  1. The best pair of longboard shoes play a vital role for the controllingof the activities of longboard; it gives you the ability to control speed, make safe maneuvers, and take turns and helpful for foot braking at the right time. The ordinary sports shoes can be slippery and it is hard for you to control speed.
  2. Always try to choose the shoes according to your size, riding style that brings you various comfortable rides.
  3. And finally think of durability, it is easily determinable from the specifications.

The things to consider before buying the best long boarding shoes:

There are many varieties in the market we just have to focus on the sole then the other features such as getting adequate support and traction for the long downhill rides, ankle support and heavy shock absorption and feeling comfortable after hours of riding. When ride on longboard we try various tricks which affects different areas of the shoe rub against the grip tape that results wear on the shoe. Never longboard in shoes are designed like the running shoes that ruined my new running shoes by a month. Just get the appropriate shoes that will last a long time with comfort. The most important part of a best Shoes for Longboarding is the sole. As the longboard riding typically don not have many different tricks as the skateboard riders do, the bottom is important for longboarding. The best longboarding shoes should have a thick sole which is made of vulcanized rubber or polyurethane thus the shoes will last for a long time

Best Long boarding Shoes Review:

  1. When you are in search for the best shoes for longboarding the shoes fitted with a canvas upper is for its durability. Those types of shoes are able to survive wear and tear though the use is frequent. They are much better for  having STI Foam foot bed which gives the most excellent cushioning and shock absorption make sure that your foot is cradled per your ride need and gets you the top-level comfort. It will be a nice thing if they are made using the recycled materials and thus eco-friendly.  
  2. The leather upper may the excellent choice for the premium construction which is usually breathable and durable. When the thick outsole made of rubber can absorb heavy shock and gets most excellent grip on various surfaces. It becomes more comfortable if the tongue is foam padded thus it is soft and breathable. Some the same construction cup sole makes them more comfortable.
  3. When comfort is the essential thing you can use the shoes having vent holes on the side that is arrangement for better air circulation to keep your foot dry and cozy.  These types of shoes is wonderful when comes with optimizes grip for various surfaces. They lets you make the foot braking easier and make sure you have better control on your rides. When a combination of cup sole is available just give you best support on the ankle for the thick barrier between the board and your foot.
  4. When you choose the canvas upper for best shoes for longboarding it can also be an excellent addition to your wardrobe for the casual design. The canvas is nice alternative of leather which is It is very soft and breathable ensures optimal comfort on your foot. If it is designed to overlay from the heel to the mid foot allows deliver streamlined support. And the rubber outsole is designed with traction pattern. The grip is done with less effort for moving different direction while riding.
  5. The shoes with laces are good because they allow personalizing the fit based on the size of the foot. They can be tighten or loosen on the right comfort level of the user. In this combination if you get an abrasion resistant brake pad that will make braking easy and the pad will be long lasting.

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