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Hi, are you in search of a smart baggage for your travels? Do you want to get relief of embarrassing experiences like something is lost in the bottom of your case? If you want to have the secured belongings with a credible locking system and already you are fade up of bumps, cracks, and scrapes on your old carriers; I am here to share my experiences to all interested. I will present everything about travel bags, hard case luggage to soft case luggage, suitcase and carry-On Spinner and their utilities such as how easy are they to organize, how many zipped pouches to store your smaller things, and how they are divided in each side for keeping the dirty and fresh dresses apart and so many things you need to know about your this travel mate. Additionally how easy to lock or unlock it in a secured way and how purposive would be the locking system such the use of universal key (usually used during the checking procedure by the airport authority)? Finally you would be able to choose the right thing that is purposive, durable, and fashionable for you several travels you have to do frequently or usually.

Why we need Travel bag?

Usually, a backpack or duffel is the easiest thing to carry and that has great utility to be used for a pleasant travel. When I travel the places where most of the hotels have no elevators, and some of the attractive areas of city have cobblestone streets that make dragging something unnecessary and noisy. Such in cities dragging is prohibited. Apart this sort of bags make the sense for the style of travel for their many utilities  as they are soft bags basically hang on shoulders some of them with hip belts sometimes may be a little bit uncomfortable but they work fine to move from the arrival place to the hotel. They’re also suited quite well as other large baggage as they can suck down to fit to your belongings packed light enough. The mobility is really appreciable when you can use them as hands free and keep your eating or be in the queue to buy a travel ticket.

Why we need Luggage?

Usually only the luggage has a capacity to contain and carry the bulk amount of belongings. When I travel for a long period need to take so many things with me and then I prefer a large luggage. There is many such luggage that can compact so many belongings in one piece. They have inner chambers as shoe rack and to organize many other things what I do not want to miss while my vacation. This type of luggage usually makes it easy to carry all the required things of your whole family members. It normally suits while you travel by you own vehicle but not limited. We feel very comfortable if we get all the things which we use every day. When you open the luggage after reaching the place you will stay some days you will get most satisfied finding everything on before you.

Why we need Suitcase?

When we travel frequently we can use the suitcase without being worried about damage during our journey. The hard side suitcases are usually made of most durable materials. They are designed as you can get access to your belongings easily, and organizes them smartly. The suitcases keep our belongings safe, out of damage and in addition they are made of long-lasting and highly durable materials, they are remarkably light in weight and handy. They do not need to drag for as they are light in weight and easy to carry. With some suitcases you get intelligent features like the built-in digital scale, removable power bank that allows charging devices anytime. Some of the comes with expandable options that enables take many things inside a single packing; some of them have the exterior pockets for more usability. They have nice designs fits your style and with many beautiful cool matte colour finishing.

Why we need Carry-On Spinner?

The main advantage of a Carry-On Spinner is you can effortlessly drag on wheels. The carry on spinner has the combination of strength and maneuverability. And some of them come with unique design, with multiple pockets, interior cross-ribbon, and divider, those make it easy to pack and organize. The multi-directional spinner wheels, adjustable handle, expansibility makes the mobility easy. When the luggage is the carry-on you usually do not lose your luggage, it won’t be thrown or dropped while loading and unloading. It lets you keep a tight connection with you. Allows you easy access to your belongings such as you feel need to change clothing or get something out from it or put some belongings in it is just easy.

Weight and Looks:

The weight matters a lot while we travel. The less the weight of your luggage the more pleasant journey is there from my point of view it does not only keep our backs from getting injured also lets avoid those baggage fees. So when we are to buy any luggage we should consider how much we will pack inside. I will choose a 5lbs of luggage instead of 15lbs also, considering the quality, as there are so many luggage are made of durable and amazingly light materials.  There are variety of products these can meet your demand. You can easily choose a colour you like, a shape that is purposive and looks well, and the impact of belongings on the front part of the luggage after packing.

Which one and where we need those when go to travel?

The choice for luggage is dependable on the area you visit and what types of vehicles you use while your travel.

You can make choice as below as per area you visit, such:

  • In Europe a small suitcase is fine if as you may have to carry them up stairs, but backpacks and duffel bags may be betters sometimes.
  • In North America you can freely choose your luggage. When you travelling to the U.S. or Canada just pack what you like.
  • In the Caribbean and Mexican area a backpack is best, but a suitcase works fine for resort users.
  • In the modern cities in Asia are quite well with all types of luggage, but for Southeastern Asia and specially India it is better to explore with a backpack.
  • In Middle Eastern and African countries you are well with a backpack, but in South African countries you have the full flexibility on your luggage choice.
  • About and reviews some Travel bag topic:

Travel bags are usually made of fabric so they are soft can contain many belongings as they have huge chambers inside and outside also. Everybody wants to travel with a backpack all the time. But I am fascinated to my duffel bag because it is fashionable, but do not match every trip as some of the places rather easier to navigate with a backpack. Some travellers may think that how to travel for a long time with those little things? I really do not understand how I could manage it. Finally after arriving the airport and boarding on plane visited many strange new places with slightly little more than the clothes on the back.

Pros: It has the largest middle compartment that fits for almost any wearable things. Duffel bags and backpacks are flexible, easily washable and most of the small or medium-sized bags can fit into luggage compartments.

Cons: A fully filled duffel bag or a backpack can put strain on the shoulder or arm for carrying or the waist band of a backpack also not ideal for long periods of hauling around.

About and reviews some Luggage topic:

Usually the luggage has the great capacity to contain and carry the huge of your belongings. Only such luggage can compact so many belongings in one piece. The incredible thing swallows almost anything I need while I live a long time abroad. The inner chambers are for arranging shoes and organizes so many things what I won’t like to miss the vacation with my GF.

Pros: It has the largest capacity to swallow anything inside. They are flexible, easy to wash. Give you the perfect arrangement of various things regardless of their size.

Cons: Sometimes difficult to carry. Take a bigger room in your vehicle. Sometimes it is difficult to fit into the luggage compartment.

About and reviews some Suitcase topic:

Suitcases are suitable for the destination you wish to stay until you return and you do not need any dragging around. As an example, I always take my suitcase when I go home for the holidays or when I travel to a short party in other places like wedding or funeral. I also prefer the suitcase when I am on a road trip because I use my car always and the suitcases are much easier for repacking take easy access to my belongings.

Pros: The hard-shell suitcases are ready to take the beatings and it is easy to lock a suitcase if there any possibility of theft. Moving the suitcase on wheels through the airports is much comfortable than walking with other baggage items. Suitcases ensure wrinkle free dresses and easier repacking. Most of them are water proof and have compartments for separating cloths.

Cons: Carrying a suitcase sometimes may be difficult due to the wheels won’t help on cobblestones, dirt, or other rough areas. Generally it is hard to get mobility with a suitcase in some public service vehicle. The good quality suitcases are usually a little costly than the other baggage.

About and reviews some Carry-On Spinner topic:

The carry-on spinners usually combines both strength and maneuverability with their unique designs. Equipped with multiple pockets as well as interior cross-ribbon and many dividers are for easy, effective packing and organizing. The carry on spinners are providing 360 degree spin, they are extremely light in weight, made of high quality materials gives them long-lasting durability. Some of them provide expandable options for you, telescopic handle, secured lock and many more.

Pros: The carry-on spinnersare more ergonomic and never puts much stress on your shoulders or back. They are easy to move in tight spaces like train or plane. The expandability is a great feature to use the as per your customization.

Cons: As the wheels are mounted at external area of the baggage sometimes become vulnerable to snapping off. The external wheels grab some of your valuable packing room as the length of the wheels is measures in overall dimensions. It may not stay static until you lay it down or brace it.


The first rolling luggage was emerged in 1970 after many developments the four-wheeled luggage came in the market and has become popular. A wheeled luggage is suitable for smooth, hard surfaces it has no impact on your body with respect to other luggage which needs lifting or carrying in back. The wheels have an exposure on the case that helps from getting snapping off. Sometimes 2 wheeler luggage lets rolling on uneven surfaces that never limits the utility.

Two Wheels.Four Wheels. Eight Wheels:

It is essential to know about the utility of rolling luggage with two wheels, four wheels or eight. Two wheeled luggage is nice to use on rough surfaces but it has a little dependency on your wrist. There are many people who enjoy their travel having a 4 wheeled luggage as it glides almost effortlessly with you and they are very easily rolls down on the aisle of a plane. The four-wheeled luggage takes a less effort from your wrist as the only need a pull by your wrist only while moving, it never requires any load sharing from your wrist for balancing. The 8 wheeled luggage can rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability through the airport to your hotel; as the case rolls upright there is no weight placed on your arm or shoulder at all.


Some people love the lightness of their baggage, some loves the outlooks, some looking for durability and easy maneuverability. The light weight is the biggest advantage of a baggage to ease the travellers’ journey. The baggage needs to have easy access anytime, anywhere but secured (some body may need). Few things we should consider before we buy our baggage includes: Size, hard or soft, wheeled or not, and would it match the place, duration and type of places where we are going to visit. Just take a thorough look on your needs and buy the perfect baggage for a nice journey.

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