Brand Santa CruzLongBoard Reviews

Brand Santa CruzLongBoard Reviews 2018 Honest Reviews


Brand Santa CruzLongBoard Reviews

There are many brands of the longboard but all are not excellent. With the decade existence, Santa Cruz is the iconic brand. It has been continuing since 70’s and the company has been the home of stake board. Jim Phillips has made iconic hand logo and other artists are Johnny Mojo and Kevin Marburg.

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Riding Style: Santa Cruz Longboards are quite smooth and stylish. They satisfy your niche longboard style fetish. Santa Cruz is easy riding, speedy, and swift. This is cruising. It has durability and versatility.
Wheels: Santa Cruz Longboard with 75mm wheels are quite soft and offer smooth performance. The 31-inch wheelbase provides riders fantastic stability and speed. Riders can balance board better during speedy downhill rides. The ABEC79 super rated bearing also make the longboards performance better.
Design: The new innovations from Santa Cruz were complicated graphic designs to please and satisfy the riders. Jim Phillips, who is a legend in the field of skateboard design, leads the way by inventing many iconic graphic designs.
Deck: The deck of the Santa Cruz Longboards is unique to design, size, and the wheels, everything. You know that nothing is important without the deck of a longboard. It provides you satisfaction.
Truck: Santa Cruz Longboards consistently have great longboard trucks that are almost tailor-made for the specific longboards. The Road Rider has 180 trucks that make the deck setup able to do all the carving safely. The Santa Cruz Longboard PBR Pintail brand is blue and white in color, giving it a nice look from top to bottom.
Bushing: Bushings are the only effective resistance of the longboard truck. The standard bushing set up of a longboard for cruising is the most important. By perfect setting of the bushing, you will get the resistance. The hard bushings greater than 90A are good for a downhill bombing. The double barrel bushing set up is preferred for smooth riding.
Bearing: The bearings of Santa Cruz long boards are ABEC 3 rated. This crushing fantastic long board has long lasting bearings. For your farther satisfaction, you can set a couple of screws what can give you more pleasure. In case of bearing change, it is very easy to replace the Santa Cruz bearing.
Conclusion: Santa Cruz Long boards are comparatively cheap and the most expensive boards in the longboard market. The Performance is competitive compared to the other long board. No long board can beat the Santa Cruz Longboard by any quality or price.

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Top 5 Santa Cruz Long Board Products review:

The Santa Cruz long board company first arrived with its skateboard in 1973. From the very beginning of its longboard business, Santa Cruz had got a positive response from all types of users. There are some top Santa Cruz longboards. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Long board, Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer, Rasta, Santa Cruz Venomous Pin tail Complete Long board, and SANTA CRUZ Long board Sugar Skull Pintail are the most effective long board in the market.

Santa Cruz maintains the entire standard to modernize this board for the user. The Santa Cruz products are graphics, durable, long-lasting and target reaching. These worldwide long boards are made with special care both for beginner and the more experienced rider. It has gained 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Some Santa Cruz longboard have specially made for Cruising or down hilling. Its innovative color and exceptional longboards are special for their design and stylish look. Maple or bamboo made decks are flexible and have achieved 4.9 ratings. The inserted wheels of the Santa Cruz longboard are larger than others. The trucks are made of silver and aluminum and their lightweight wheels make no problem. This longboard provides sharp and smooth carve as it has the bushes of a perfect combination. The ABEC 3 bearings of this board are durable and have good performance. With excellent innovation technology and low price, Santa Cruz board has achieved one of the top positions in longboard market.

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